Melatonin- Quest to have the best treatment finally ends!

What if you get the secret to sport a perfect tanned body like your favourite celebrity? Do you think that taking sun bath all year round is the only possible way to get tanned? Well, with fatal implications of sunbathing, people nowadays tend to follow sunless tanning methods. With products like melatonin, lotions, sprays and pills, you can easily get a tanned skin by being comfortably seated in your own home.

The pursuit to find a tanning treatment which is free from harmful implications like skin cancer, skin aging has led to the emergence of sunless tanning treatments like tan injections. It is believed that the tanning solution which is taking this industry by storm is melatonin.

melatonin a dose of sunshine

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The Hormone Melatonin

Melatonin is a hormone that the body produces in the endocrine system and oversees regulating the biological clock, makes the body of time and its cycles conscious.

Melatonin causes sleep at night, when the amount of this hormone increases in the organism and makes waking up the body in the morning when it decreases.

Many studies have been done to analyse all the benefits that melatonin has in the body besides its effect of helping to sleep. Melatonin stimulates the secretion of growth hormone and that is why the body grows while it is asleep, when the levels of melatonin are high with 10 years of age, when it is still growing, you need to sleep more than at 30 years.

There are currently supplements in several presentations to try to control the biological clock in people who suffer from sleep disorders but have not yet approved the use of this hormone for children or although it is used should be a very low dose.

The Hormone Melatonin
The Hormone Melatonin

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